About Dr. RaviShankar K Diddapur

Dr. Ravishankar Krishnamurthy Diddapur (Dr. Ravishankar) was appointed Associate Consultant of Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery at the Singapore National University Hospital (NUH) in 2003. He was, at the same time, assigned the educational responsibility of Senior Clinical Lecturer at NUH. Shortly after, Dr. Ravishankar was promoted to Consultant in the same specialty, and introduced Laparoscopic Surgery for major hepatobiliary surgeries to NUH.

Dr. Ravishankar performed Singapore’s first-ever Laparoscopic Liver Resection and the country’s first minimally invasive Pancreatic Necrosectomy. Dr. Ravishankar then set-up and established the offering of Laparoscopic Hepatobiliary Surgeries at NUH, where today, this has become a renowned independent division at the hospital. During his consultancy at NUH, Dr. Ravishankar also performed complex liver transplants and paediatric liver transplants in patients with portal vein thrombosis and hepato-pulmonary syndrome. He performed all living donor hepatectomies for liver transplants and maintained a nil 30-day surgical mortality for all his elective surgeries at NUH. Previously, Dr. Ravishankar also received the Health Manpower Development Program Fellowship Award from the Ministry of Health, Singapore, which allowed him to further his expertise in Right Lobe Living Donor Liver Transplant.

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Patients Say

No words can show my gratitude and appreciation to you for saving my father from the brink of death. I thank God for sending you at the darkest hour on the eve of Chinese New Year to us. You have my family and my salute and respect forever. You are indeed a surgeon who is highly skilled,display high professionalism and has immeasurable patience and calm.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, my father was sent to the A and E of Gleneagles Hospital. His blood pressure was as low as 80mmHg and his fever was still lingering around 40 degrees. His kidney function was also low with a creatinine of 498. He was in septic shock. What previous doctors,he consulted, thought was stomach flu turned out to be something worst. His appendix had ruptured and his organs were all infected. Your accurate diagnosis of his condition and immediate surgery after that plus your close monitoring and care for him post operation saved his life.

Lim Wen Chye
Daughter of Lim Ah Huat

On 1 Nov 2011, I was admitted to Glen Eagles hospital for Acute Appendicitis. The emergency staff asked who we would like for a surgeon and my wife replied simply, “the best”. We luckily were assigned to Dr. Ravi’s list, who through his calming demeanour and friendly smile were able to provide clear options for us. One of the options was to have the appendix removed through a single incision, which we decided to use, because we knew that less incisions meant faster recovery, less scars and less likelihood of infection.

As it turned out the operation went very smoothly, I was able to leave hospital only 2 days after my surgery with very little discomfort and was back to full duties within 1 week other than the standard precautions. It has now nearly been one full month and I have no scar and no ill-effects from the surgery.

I found Dr Ravi to be very thorough and cautious meaning significantly less risk of complications.

I personally would highly recommend Dr. Ravi and the single incision surgery.

Brooke-Smith, David

On 31.7.2011 I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and you performed SILS the same day. I am pleased with the result as I did not feel any significant pain afterwards except occasionally the feel of very mild stiches where the addendix was cut,and except the initial 4 days bloating of my stomach which was helped by some water releasing tablets.And the good thing is there are no scars left behind!.

You had advised that I would be able to pick up jogging again 4 weeks after surgery and be able to play football and lift moderate weights in the gym 3 months after which I have done according to plan and I am pleased to say that there have been no problems in doing so.

I have fully recovered and thank you for the professional work you have done.

Jens Stolte

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